Where To Get Coffee On The Carnival Breeze

Where to get coffee on the Carnival Breeze

I wish I wasn’t one of those people who need coffee first thing in the morning, but I am. That makes knowing where the coffee is on a cruise ship a priority. Luckily, the Carnival Breeze has several options.

For the “free” coffee, that is coffee included with your cruise fare, you can go to the Lido deck for breakfast, order room service, or go to a dining room for a sit-down breakfast.

If you want a grab and go Starbucks-style coffee, you’ll have three options on the Breeze. All coffees, milkshakes, and some bottled beverages and energy drinks are included in the Cheers! package. None of the options count toward your 15-beverage limit unless you ask for a coffee drink that includes alcohol. If you do not have the Cheers! package, you will pay a la carte prices. Some examples include $2.25 for a tall drip coffee, $3.50 for a latte, $5.50 for a frappe, and $5.50 for a milkshake. Spiked coffees are $7.50.

Option #1: Plaza Cafe, Deck 5, Mid-Ship

The first, and largest, is Plaza Cafe on Deck 5-midship. This is also the busiest and the line can be 15-20 people deep by 9 a.m.

Plaza Cafe, Deck 5, Mid-Ship, Carnival Breeze

Strangely, this main coffee shop doesn’t open until 7 a.m. so if you’re an early riser, your only coffee option will be regular coffee on the Lido deck until the Plaza Cafe opens. I’ve never seen a coffee shop on a Carnival ship open this late, so I am not sure if this is a temporary part of Carnival’s cutbacks or if they’ve changed this across the fleet.

It seems others found this strange as well. We’re currently on the Carnival Breeze and made our way to the coffee shop around 6:40 a.m. on our first sea day. The shop was closed and there was a line of about 10 people waiting for it to open. In the past, coffee shops have been open by 6 a.m.

You can get hot, cold, and frozen coffee concotions here with or without alcohol. They also have pastries available in the morning at no additional charge. They are open all day/evening and they will switch their food offerings to cupcakes, cake and donuts around mid-day. These do incur an additional charge of about $3 per item.

Breakfast Pastries At The Plaza Cafe, Deck 5, Mid-Ship, Carnival Breeze

Option #2: Casino Bar, Deck 4, Mid-Ship

Not many people know about this location, so there is often no line. It doesn’t open until 8 a.m. so if you’re up early, this won’t be your place to go. This coffee spot is located in the non-smoking Casino Annex on Deck 4, mid-ship. A quick way to get there is to take the stairs by Bonsai Sushi on Deck 5. They serve the same menu as the Plaza Cafe, but they do not have any food options.

Casino Bar, Deck 4, Mid-Ship, Carnival Breeze
Casino Bar, Deck 4, Mid-Ship, Carnival Breeze

Option #3: Breeze Bar, Deck 3, Mid-Ship

The Breeze Bar is located on Deck 3 in the area where you board the ship. It also opens at 8 a.m. and they serve the same menu as the Plaza Cafe. They do not have any food options.

Breeze Bar, Deck 3, Mid-Ship, Carnival Breeze
Breeze Bar, Deck 3, Mid-Ship, Carnival Breeze

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