Cruise Director – Savannah Mitchell

Carnival Cruise Director Savannah MItchell

We are on the Carnival Vista this week and we had the pleasure of spending a few minutes this morning with our Cruise Director (CD), Savannah Mitchell.

While heading to Montego Bay we ran into Savannah and DJ Dean and had such a great time getting to know them.

Can’t Place Her Accent?

If you’ve heard Savannah speak on board, you may be wondering where her accent is from. (At least we were!) She describes he accent as Australian mixed with some American as she has spent a long time in the states.

Coincidentally, Savannah is from the exact area of Australia our oldest daughter is moving to next year for college. She told us about the area and assured me my daughter would have an amazing experience there.

Where is Savannah heading to next?

Savannah has been with Carnival since 2014 and has spent this year trading on/off with Kyndall Fire (another favorite) as the CD of the Carnival Vista. Her next stop is the Carnival Splendor later on this year. This was exciting news as we will be on a Great Barrier Reef cuise next June, and both Savannah and Dean will be on the ship during our cruise.

Carnival Vista Cruise Director Savannah MItchell and DJ Dean
Carnival Vista Cruise Director Savannah MItchell and DJ Dean

If you see either of them on board, make sure to say hello. They are both friendly, funny and a blast to spend a few minutes with.

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