The Best VIFP “Perk” – Free Laundry!

Carnival VIFP Laundry perk

Let’s talk about laundry on board! Most Carnival ships, except the XL class ships have self service laundry rooms passengers can use. I previously wrote about self service laundry here.

You can also send your laundry to the full service launderette. If you are platinum/diamond in Carnival’s VIFP program, you get a certain number of “free” laundry bags per cruise. The number depends on the length of the cruise as seen below.

Free Laundry VIFP Carnival

(If you are self paying for laundry, it’s $15 per bag or five bags for $50. To get the 5-bag discount, all bags have to be sent at the same time.)

You’ll see many people complain about how tiny/fragile the bags are. With a little “neatness” you can make these bags go a long way.

In the picture below you’ll see a bag we just sent. It includes adult sized clothes for three people. Specifically: 2 skirts, 1 pair of shorts, 1 pair of pants, 7 t-shirts and 2 undergarments. These were all folded in standard sizes and we had room left in the bag.

The Best VIFP "Perk" - Free Laundry!
Our laundry read to go to the Cabin Steward

We have three platinum cruisers in our cabin this week and we each get 3 bags… so 9 total. We’ve been sending one each day so all of our clothes are pretty much clean all the time. We pack light knowing we can use this service.

We do two extra things to make sure our laundry gets back to us quickly and to make our cabin stewards life easier. 1. We bring a small roll of gorilla tape to seal our bag and to attach our clothing manifest form. 2. We bring a sharpie and put our name and cabin number really big on the bag.

The Best VIFP "Perk" - Free Laundry!
Gorilla Tape

If you get your laundry bag to your cabin steward by 9 a.m., you should have it back the same evening. If not, you’ll get it back the next day.

Make sure to fill out the laundry form completely and accurately. If there is a discrepancy in the number of items accounted for, it may delay your laundry getting back to you.
Laundry Form

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