Dreaming of Java Blue On The Mardi Gras

java blue on carnival mardi gras

I’ve been on Carnival’s Mardi Gras twice. And both times, Java Blue was my go-to spot for coffee, snacks and relaxation. I find myself missing the spot even when I’m home. In fact, I just texted my bestie and asked her to meet me at Java Blue. If only…

It’s been just about a month since I got off Mardi Gras and I still miss my afternoon snack of a beef empanada. But it’s more than that. Java Blue became our de-facto Friends-style coffeehouse. Need a snack? Head to Java Blue. Want some caffeine? Yep, Java Blue. Want a comfy place to sit and people-watch? You guessed it. Java Blue.

The Java Blue On The Mardi Gras Is Different

While most of the Carnival cruise ships have a Java Blue coffee shop, none are quite like the one on the Mardi Gras. You would normally only find coffee and pastries/sweets at Java Blue, but on the Mardi Gras they’ve taken food to a whole new level.

The Steak Sandwich @ Java Blue

You can usually find free pastries in the morning at most Java Blue’s which are then replaced in the afternoon with donuts and cupcakes that cost around $3. This holds true on the Mardi Gras. But, the Mardi Gras also has a selection of hot eats and a cold Grab & Go section that are no additional charge.

In the morning you can find toasted breakfast sandwiches, muffins, granola, fresh fruit, yogurt and more. From late morning until the evening you can find hot sandwiches, cold sandwiches, empanadas, chicken pot pie, and more. All of these items are at no additional charge and there are always vegetarian options. We often ate breakfast at Java Blue and had a snack there every afternoon.

Free coffee. fruit. breakfast sandwich and granola muffin @ Java Blue

And, if you like tuna sandwiches, I venture to say they have the best one at sea. I still crave that cold sandwich with crisp lettuce. Perfect in its simplicity and it really hits the spot when you get back from an excursion.

The tuna sandwich @ Java Blue

Java Blue is located in the Center Stage area so it is always bustling. From our comfy booths outside of Java Blue we played Bingo, watched the morning show, looked out the panoramic windows, played Deal or No Deal and watched shows in the evening. We were there so much that when our kids wanted to find us, that’s where they looked first.

But What About The Coffee?

Java Blue doesn’t disappoint in the area of coffee. My husband always goes for a double espresso and my kids are fans of the lattes and milkshakes. These items are not included, but the prices are lower than those on land. If you have the Cheers! package, specialty coffees and milkshakes are included.

You can also get free drip coffee at Java Blue. Just look for the self service coffee area. The brand they serve is Lavazza and it’s very good.

A Latte @ Java Blue

There are also coolers that contain water, energy drinks, juice, sodas and more. You can grab what you need and pay at the counter. These items are not included with your cruise fare, but they are included if you have the Cheers! package.

The Java Blue staff recognized us, our kids, knew our names and remembered our orders. Tuty, in particular, was so loved by my husband and kids I thought they were going to leave me so they could go live with her. Luckily, she’s going over to the Celebration soon. (I jest!)

Craig and Tuty @ Java Blue

The Mardi Gras is a large ship with a lot of people, but somehow the area around Java Blue always seemed homey and fun. It just became our happy place.

So on days like today, when I’m not on a cruise and missing the ocean, I text my bestie and say: ” Let’s go to the coffee shop for an empanada.”

And she knows exactly where I mean.

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