Cheat The “Wine Bottle” Rule On Cruises

cheat the wine rule on cruises

Most cruise lines allow you to bring a 750-ml bottle of wine or champagne on board, but what happens if you don’t like wine?

If you don’t like wine, you’re out of luck for a “freebie” booze bottle on board. Or are you?

Most cruisers don’t know you can swap out that bottle of red for a bottle of “wine-based cocktails.”

From A Wine Cocktail is a ready-made mixed drink that is composed primarily of wine with the addition of alcohol or other mixers. In order to be classified as a Wine Cocktail as opposed to a cocktail with wine, the primary source of ABV in the beverage must come from the wine. As long as this is true, any number of combinations are possible, and you’ll be surprised at what exciting options you can find!

Before we get into specific options, I must warn you. This is a new concept and the security employed by the cruise lines may push back on these. Make sure any bottle you buy clearly states “wine” on the label.

Your first option is from a company called FlyBird. They have a whole range of wine margarita cocktails in assorted flavors. They call it “agave wine” and it comes margarita flavors such as classic, strawberry and prickly pear. You can get a six-pack of bottles here for $57.95. These drinks have popped up all over Instagram with great reviews.

Photo courtesy of FlyBird.

Sutter Home makes a Lemonade Wine Cocktail that you can find at most liquor stores for around $7. They also make a peach tea and sweet tea wine cocktails. Reviews on these are mixed, but they seem to be ready available at liquor stores. You can also buy them directly from Sutter Home.

Photo courtesy of Sutter Home

If you like Sangria, you may like the Sweet Fizzy Sangria Wine Cocktail by Andre. It’s described as a fiesta in a bottle with a tangy citrus flavor. There is also a Peach Bellini flavor. You can buy these online here.

Photo courtesy of Wine And Liquor Mart

Available at Target, Rancho La Gloria also has a variety of margarita flavored wine cocktails including a lower-calorie skinny version. Reviews on these are very positive.

Photo courtesy of Rancho La Gloria

Have you tried any of these wine cocktails? Are there others that you would recommend? Let us know in the comments. If you want a run down of Carnival Cruise Lines beverage policy, we’ve covered that here.

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