What Items Are Banned On A Cruise?

Travelling on a cruise ship is not the same as staying at a hotel. There are certain things you can’t bring. So, let’s go over what items are NOT allowed on a Carnival cruise ship.

Let’s start with some obvious items. No illegal drugs, weapons or incapacitating substances are allowed. While marijuana is legal in some states, it is illegal to bring on a cruise ship. Weapons such as guns are obvious, but things like tasers, throwing stars and brass knuckles are also not allowed. Pepper spray is also not allowed.

Ammunition and explosives are also not allowed. This includes fireworks.

No, You Can’t Bring A Kiddie Pool On A Cruise

Now, for the not so obvious. For anyone wanting to bring an inflatable kiddie pool. Nope, not allowed. Candles, incense and helium-filled balloons are also not allowed. Getting creative in the upside-down pineapple department? Make sure to leave the handcuffs at home, because they too, are not allowed.

Hot things such as irons, clothes steamers, heating blankets, water heaters, coffee machines and hot plates are also not allowed. No toasters, either.

Think their internet sucks? You’re out of luck if you want to help because satellite disks, routers and “other” internet related equipment is not allowed.

Also, no surfboards, boats and canoes.

And, if you catch fish during an excursion and want to keep it, it must be shipped home.

Drinks Are A Whole Other Beast

You also can’t bring hard liquor beer and most non-alcoholic beverages that aren’t in a can or carton. Drinks are complicated and warrant their own post. You can find that here.

For a full list of items you cannot bring on a Carnival cruise, see here.

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