How To Avoid Carnival’s Edible Straws

how to avoid carnival edible straws

Carnival Cruise Line is now exclusively using edible, biodegradable flavored straws in their drinks. Some people like these, but many people find the straws off-putting. Especially when they turn slimy.

How To Work Around Edible Straws

So what can you do? You can take your own, and you have lots of options.

1. Take your own disposable straws. You can purchase paper straws, which are also biodegradable. These are durable and festive. They do begin to get soggy after a while, but they are easy to take with you and toss. You can also purchase, and bring, old school straws like these.

2. Take a stainless steel, telescopic pocket straw. This one comes in summery colors and includes a carrying case. It also folds up small you can keep it in your pocket when it’s not in use. It expands to 9″ for use and folds down to 4″ for stoarage. It also comes with a little brush to clean the inside with.

3. Take a travel silicone straw. This cute four-pack comes with little metal tin carrying cases. And, with four, you’ll have enough to share or to replace yours if you accidentally leave one in your drink.

4. Bring fun, reuseable plastic straws. Kids will find these really fun and I think they’d look very festive in all those fruity drinks you’re sure to consume. These won’t last as long as the ones above, but they’ll still be good for several uses. You can rinse them out between drinks and toss them when you’re ready for a new one.

5. Bring a cup with a straw. Bring a cup such as this Camelbak which brings a straw and has the bonus of keeping your drink colder for longer. The bartender will still give you a ship’s glass, but you can just pour the drink into your own cup and go on your way.

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