Bob Chapek Increases Price of Disney+

Bob Chapek Increases Price of Disney+

A 38% price increase for Disney+ was announced last week and the decision came solely from Bob Chapek, as per reports.

This is completely in line with Chapek’s obvious thoughts that any CEO who provides value for a company’s customers is a complete sucker.

As Chapek told CNBC last week:

“We read demand. We have no plans right now in terms of what we’re going to do, but we operate with a surgical knife here,” Chapek said. “It’s all up to the consumer. If consumer demand keeps up, we’ll act accordingly. If we see a softening, which we don’t think we’re going to see, then we can act accordingly as well.”

Disney Will Squeeze Every Last Cent Out Of You While They Can

In other words, as long as people want their stuff, they’ll keep raising prices. Once they squeeze every last cent they can out of their customers and they start to leave, they’ll lower prices. At least he’s honest.

The current price of Disney+ is $7.99 per month. Effective October 10, 2022, the price will increase to $10.99 per month. Disney+ was has unprecedented growth since entering the streaming market. Last quarter, Disney+ added 15 million new subscribers; the same quarter where Netflix announced a decrease in subscribers for the first time since 2012.

By adding 15 million customers in one quarter, Disney+ increased its revenue by at least $119,850,000 per month. Adding subscribers doesn’t incur the company much in additional costs. While there will certainly be an incremental cost increase on the customer service side, no additional programming costs are incurred just by adding subscribers.

Most companies bask in their growth and try to improve the experience for new customers in an attempt to keep them. But Chapek, who firmly believes that if there is demand for a product, you should increase prices, responded by telling his brand new and legacy customers they will now have to pay more.

This guy is real peach. At a time when people are struggling to afford gas and food, the CEO of a company personally approves a move that has nothing to do with actual inflation. He seems to be saying… “Hey, your life sucks and our content makes you happy? Awesome. I’m going to charge you more for the same exact service because I can.”

I’m sure shareholders love Chapek. As for everyone else, this petition speaks volumes. The “Fire Disney CEO Bob Chapek” petition on is close to becoming one of the highest signed petitions on As per the petition, “Chapek has proven he doesn’t care about the quality and legacy of Disney.”

Time and time again, Chapek has shown his only goal is to make as much money as possible for The Walt Disney Company. He’s on track. But how many bridges will he burn before he burns the entire company down?

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