Can I Take My Baby On A Carnival Cruise?

Can I Take My Baby On A Carnival Cruise

I often get asked if babies/little kids enjoy cruises. The answer is always, undoubtedly, yes! Our children started cruising at a very young age and they consider it an integral part of their childhood. Some of our best family memories have been on cruises.

Babies can cruise on Carnival once they are 6 months old. For trans-ocean crossings and remote itineraries where there are more than 2 consecutive sea days, babies must be 12 months old. You, will, however, have to pay for your baby to cruise with you. Unlike places like Disney World that don’t charge admission for children under the age of 2, Carnival has no “freebie” age. All passengers must pay to get on board.

The first two passengers in a cabin pay full fare rates and additional guests in the same cabin get a discounted rate. The age of any of the passengers is irrelevant when it comes to determining fares.

If you are travelling with your baby, make sure to bring baby formula, if needed. Carnival does not carry baby formula on any of its ships. You can bring powdered or liquid formula and Pediasure on board. You can also bring nursery or distilled water on board and it must be carried in your carry-on luggage. Distilled water is also available on board and you can contact room service to purchase it. If you would like to pre-order distilled water, you can call The Fun Shops (1-800-522-7648) during business hours in EST at least two days prior to boarding.

If you breast feed and need to refrigerate milk, you may bring a small cooler with you. It can’t be larger than 12″ x 12″ x 12″ and your room steward will make sure you always have ice. You can use the in-room mini fridge, but those are often spotty with regulating temperature. There is also a large refrigerator at Guest Services you can use. Carnival does note on its website that breast feeding information applies to mother’s traveling with or without their babies.

As per Carnival’s policy, nursing moms have the right to breast feed in public or private areas and do not need to cover up while doing so.

You may bring baby food on board in both sealed jars or pouches. Opened containers of food or homemade foods are not allowed on board.

Diapers & baby supplies such as wipes, are not available on board. Swimmer diapers are not available on board, and your baby cannot go in any pools/splash zones unless they are completely potty trained.

Carnival Cruise Lines official policy states: Children who are not toilet trained (and those in diapers or swim diapers) are not allowed in any of the water facilities on board, as per United States Public Health Services. Toilet trained children should be taken on frequent bathroom breaks. Water sports include pools, spray parks, waterslides and whirlpools. We provide clear and conspicuous signage to alert guests that lifeguards are not on duty and parental supervision is required for children at our pools.

High chairs and booster seats are available at all dining rooms restaurants.

Cribs are available for stateroom-use. When you book, make sure to indicate you need a crib. If you are already booked and didn’t mention it, call Carnival to let them know. Crib dimensions are 38″L x 24″W. You can bring a pack and play with you if you prefer.

Strollers are allowed on board and available for rent, but availability is limited. I would bring your own if you can. Rental fees are $10 per day or $40 for the length of the cruise. There is a $75 deposit required and the strollers are single strollers by Kolcraft Cloud Plus Model #KL029-FRR1.

Car seats can be brought on board and stored in your stateroom.

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