Who Is Brian Christopher & Why Is Carnival Trying To Get Me To Go On A Cruise With Him?

Who Is Brian Christopher & Why Is Carnival Trying To Get Me To Go On A Cruise With Him

If you get casino offers from Carnival, you have undoubtedly seen a big promo for a slots cruise with Brian Christopher. My current offer includes up to $1000 off and Drinks On Us! for me and a companion. Others have better offers and Fun Play credit or OBC.

Brian Christopher is a famous YouTuber that has made slots fun and appealing to the younger generation. He boasts over 1 million social media followers and recently announced a partnership with the Plaza Hotel Casino in Las Vegas where slot machines with his likeness were unveiled. He livestreamed their debut in June and you can watch that video here. He mostly films/livestreams himself playing slots at casinos all over the country.

Christopher has used his platform to persuade casinos into smoke-free policies, which he feels will attract younger gamblers. His slot machine section at the Plaza is smoke free and he stipulates that casinos need to have smoke free sections for him to visit them. This is in line with Carnival Cruise Lines recent initiative to have smoke-free areas in their casinos.

I’ve seen a lot of chatter in cruise groups on how Carnival doesn’t do a great job matching casino offers from land-based casinos or other cruise lines. On Christopher’s info page on his site, it seems that Carnival is willing to do some matching to attract new gamblers. You can see the offer page here.

As of today, there are six Brian Christopher Slots cruises scheduled on Carnival. You can see the list here – just scroll down to Upcoming Cruises. Christopher also has a partnership with Royal Caribbean. The one scheduled for October 21, 2022 is sold out, so this strategy by cruise lines seems to be working.

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