Everything You Want To Know About Carnival Cruise Cash

Everything You Want To Know About Carnival Cruise Cash

I’ve seen a lot of questions about Carnival Cruise Cash, so let’s start with the basics. Carnival Cruise Cash is a credit (think gift card) that you can purchase in advance from Carnival Cruise Line for either yourself or to give as a gift. It can only be purchase by, or for, booked guests. You will need a booking number to tie it to. It can be purchased online or by calling The Fun Shops department at 1-800-522-7648. It can be purchased until two days before debarkation.

Cruise Cash is a great way to budget your spending in advance and not end up with a credit card balance at the end of your cruise. Cruise Cash is not the same as cash. Cruise Cash is a pre-paid credit toward your account that you purchased in advance online or on the phone. If you would like to add physical cash to your onboard account, that is a different process and outlined here.

The Cruise Cash will be credited toward a guest’s Sail & Sign Account and can be purchased in increments of $25. You should note that it is non-refundable and if it isn’t all used during a specific sailing, it is forfeited.

Cruise cash can be used toward anything purchased on board including drinks, gratuities, photos, shore excursions, Build-A-Bear Workshop at sea, and spa services.

Carnival also sells Cruise Cash that is specific to certain areas on the ship. Cruise Cash Bar can be used toward alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks at restaurants, bars and specialty coffee shops. Cruise Cash Photo can be applied toward all photo purchases. And Cruise Cash Build-A-Bear can be used toward during the Build-A-Bear Workshop at sea, but you are limited to one (1) furry friend using Cruise Cash. Specialized Cruise Cash is also sold in increments of $25.

So, why would you want specialized Cruise Cash if you can just buy the generic one and use it anywhere? Carnival does set a limit on how much Cruise Cash can be applied toward any one stateroom. You can only have $500 of any Cruise Cash category applied toward a cabin. So if you plan on spending more than $500 total while on board, and want to use Cruise Cash for all your expenses, you can break it up into Cruise Cash Bar, Cruise Cash Photos, and Cruise Cash for everything else.

Cruise Cash can also be a way to save money on your cruise. Carnival Cruise Line will occasionally offer discounts on Cruise Cash. Make sure you are signed up for promotional emails from Carnival if you’re interested in these discounts.

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